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Feature films for the International market - Made in Austria

What is Amazing Austria?

Amazing Austria is an Austrian feature film franchise.

Our Mission

To produce mainstream films for the international market. The diversity of cinema is our main focus and is the hallmark of Amazing Austria. We aim to tell 'amazing stories' from Austria. These can be thrilling, funny, sad, dramatic, utopian, quirky, or scary. No matter the genre, they all have one thing in common: they are extraordinary stories that seek to entertain.

Who is behind Amazing Austria?

The concept was developed by
Bernhard Ratka, Managing Director of the Austrian film production company Digifilm GmbH. Ratka has been primarily producing commercials and documentaries for over 25 years. With Amazing Austria, he is expanding his range to include feature films starting from 2020 and is on board as a producer/director for past and upcoming Amazing Austria movies.

The film ideas and stories will be devised by Ratka in collaboration with screenwriter
Ruth C. Kopinitsch, who will also write the screenplays for the Amazing Austria series.

Well-known and experienced Austrian cinematographer
Thomas Loacker with his production company Bildhus is on board as the director of photography and in charge of the post-production grading pipeline.

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